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- Overview -

You (and your friends!) are robot servants at the White House dedicated to the keeping the place picture perfect. However, one of the robots, the Meddler, has been tampered with and is trying to sow disarray by misplacing props throughout the house. It is up to the Good Bots to find these props the Meddler has misplaced around the house and return them to their original location while trying to identify the Meddler.

Recommended number of player (3-5)

- Game Mechanics -

Round One -

The Meddler will have time to make props go missing by moving small props throughout the house. Good Bots are given time to memorize the props spawned around the map.

Round Two -

The Good Bots along with the Meddler spawn around the White House. Round lasts for 1.5 minutes.

Good Bot Goals: Communicate with your teammates and use your memory to figure out where the misplaced props are and return them to their original location. But watch out! You must root out the Meddler in your group. Return enough props to their original location to win!

Meddler Goals: Try to blend in with the Good Bots and continue misplacing props. Have enough misplaced props at the end of the round to win!

- Controls -

Movement: WASD

Rotate Camera (Left/Right): Q/E

Pickup/Drop Prop: Space

Emote: 1-4

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsIan McDonald, crimecommitter, ctRy (Gahwon), Romulus2100, impuuuu, wadebribach
Tags3D, social-deduction


MissionImpropable.zip 54 MB
MissionImpropableServer.zip 22 MB


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It seems that it is good, but I have no friends ;(